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Easy Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Marketing is meant to raise brand awareness and build a pipeline of qualified leads that turn into sales. With a small business, getting the word out can be challenging due to less visibility and lack of resources (like budget or time). However, there are key strategies that can help you scale your small business's marketing efforts.

Whether you're struggling with a limited budget, the time restraints caused by having a smaller team, or even a lack of direction, a marketing plan that's appropriate for your business can provide guidance as you scale.

marketing ideas for business
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We've had a brainstorm of marketing ideas and techniques that have worked wonders for our clients over the years. Take a look and see if you can use any for your own business.

• Create a website, showcase all your products and services, including call to action. Hire a freelance designer to help build a professional site.

• Have a social media presence on the relevant platforms to your desired demographic. Outsource help to build professional posts and strategy.

• Set up Google Business, helps with SEO and builds reviews and authority.

• Setup email newsletter to existing customers, cross sell your products and services.

• Create content of your business you can share to build your brand. Pictures and videos of you and your business will build trust.

• Write optimized blog posts.

• Launch business pages on Facebook.

• Invest in Facebook advertising to reach your ideal demographic.

• Setup a pixel on your website to retarget your advertising.

• Build a website landing page to direct website traffic to an offer or lead magnet.

• Grow your email list by offering a free download, coup-on code or offer.

• Use competitions to grow your customer list or social media following.

• Use User Generated Content on your social media. Show your customers’ images of your products. Best way to sell.

• Collaborate, work with a business who is in the same industry. Work together to offer each other’s customers an unforgettable service or offering.

• Monitor your marketing through analytics. See what is working well for your business. Look at your social analytics or Google Analytics.

• Develop a referral program. Offer a discount, free gift, or other perk in exchange for them bringing in new customers.

• Keyword research. Ensure you use keywords for your industry. Keywords and hashtags are a big part of being found through social media platforms.

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