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Take the stress out of creating Social Media content for your business with;

30 Custom Created

Social Posts

Benefit from having 30 custom created professional posts and captions for your business social media profiles. 

We write, design and create individual posts designed specifically for your business.  Evergreen posts which can be reused time and time again. 

Upward trajectory

Lucy is a jewel. Since she started helping Redwood Stone she has kept us on a constant upward trajectory with our social media and marketing, combining inspiration, intelligence, patience, pragmatism, understanding and, not least, mastery of her skills. Like the very best teacher she knows just when to introduce the next challenging step to keep us achieving more.

Tim Redwood 

As well as supporting clients with social media management and social media ad campaigns. We are marketing experts with 20+ years experience. Helping businesses with flexible marketing and social media training, working across all industries.  

I'm Lucy, the founder of Marketing Branch created in 2011, I strive to assist businesses with their digital marketing needs by providing time-saving solutions for them to make full use of existing digital channels.


Our clients often voice their struggle with the time and effort that goes into developing social media content that not only catches attention but is also of a professional standard. 

Not everybody requires full social media management, so we have pulled together a 30 custom posts offer for you. 

Lucy Carpenter Marketing Branch
Example Social Posts
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How It Works

We create 30 bespoke social media posts curated for your business. Designed by marketing professionals who will learn about your business, your strategy, your target audience, and the products and services you'd like to promote through your social media channels. We will incorporate your branding and include a call to action, include any images you have.

  • Branding 

  • Voice of the industry

  • Professional design

  • Varied content - sales, informative, entertaining

  • Repurpose for future use

  • Sales information created

  • Aimed at ideal customer

  • Created in portrait 1080 x 1350 pix

  • Posts can be scheduled in Meta Business Suite

  • Business own images to be used within posts

  • CTA added to posts

To help kick off your social media. We have pulled an offer together for you! 




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Still Unsure?

If we can help answer any questions you have, just send us an email. 


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