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What Is Social Media SEO?

What is social media SEO?

A huge percentage of people are now using their social media platforms to search for businesses as opposed to using Google.

Social media SEO is something to get on top of for 2023. Keep reading and we will give you some top tips on how to ensure that your social media pages are going to be seen.

It used to be all about outsmarting algorithms for your social media posts to gain visibility, but nowadays people are being more intentional when looking for content, rather than just aimlessly scrolling. Therefore, this emphasis on discoverability is not something entirely new - it just requires us to consider a different way in which people will find our content. We need to think about how individuals come across information on social platforms so that we can make sure our posts show up when they search.

While social networks aren't conventional search engines, they feature search bars to aid users in finding what they are looking for. Large-scale social media platforms have adopted various characteristics of regular search engines to make this possible.

Instagram SEO Tips

If you want to get the most out of Instagram for your business, it's important to understand the basic principles of SEO. Optimize your profile by including keywords in both the name and bio, plus include a location if applicable. Make sure to include relevant keywords and hashtags in your caption, as hiding them in comments is no longer effective; these will help content show up on search pages. Utilising alt text can make visuals more accessible, while also helping Instagram understand what kind of content it is so it can show it for related searches. Finally, tag your location to make use of Instagram Maps if you're a local business.

Facebook SEO Tips

For successful Facebook SEO, your page title, vanity URL, About section, and description should all include the main keyword of your business. If applicable to your enterprise, include your address so that searches local to you will include it in their results. As you craft content such as posts and photo captions, be sure to work relevant keywords into them naturally while highlighting the most important one for each instance.

Pinterest SEO Tips

For optimal SEO performance on Pinterest, ensure your profile is well-optimised with a relevant keyword as part of the username and about section. Use longer keywords in pin titles to create specific content such as 'how to buy a garden table' rather than just 'Garden Table' or even 'Build a Garden Table'. Additionally, take time to craft an interesting description that reads more like natural language rather than a simple list of keywords. Remember, including appropriate keywords will entice people to click on your pins instead of discouraging them from doing so.

LinkedIn SEO Tips

To maximize your presence on LinkedIn, make sure to include relevant keywords throughout your profile, particularly in the tagline and About section. Crafting longer-form content will allow you more space to construct useful articles which highlight crucial keyword groups. Don't try to force too many keywords or hashtags into one post; as this may be seen by LinkedIn's sorting algorithm as spam or low quality. It's important to place them naturally within the piece instead of stuffing them all together, only including true and relevant ones where necessary.

Points to take away. Take notes from the above tips to update each of your platforms you use. Be conscious about copy you create, include keywords that best describe what you offer within your post.

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