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Now Is The Time To Stay Connected

Now going in to week 4 of the Covid-19 lockdown, we are all now living and breathing the new life which effects not only our family and friends, but our businesses and and our lively hood. It is pretty amazing how quickly the social distancing rules feel like 'normal'. Yet when you stop and think about the situation, you realise how crazy and surreal it is.

Trying to steer your business through these uncertain times are without doubt the hardest to deal with. And knowing how to market your business and keep in contact with your current clients is hard to have the correct balance.

Utilising digital marketing to relay your business efforts to keep in contact with your audience is key. Social media and email marketing are accessible at home to build campaigns keeping your customers engaged. It's a great way to show how you are working under the new constraints. Have you had to adapt your business? Move products and services online?

There are many tools to help connect and engage with your customers and followers. Here are a few email platforms that will help create a beautiful, professional looking emails that you can bulk send to your subscribers and report analytics.

Mailchimp - A simple to use email marketing tool for bloggers and smaller websites as it comes with a free plan.

Drip - A relatively new email marketing provider. Their core demographic is bloggers, marketers, and eCommerce site owners. This tool is very beginner-friendly and easy to use.

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing service for small businesses. It offers a Event Management and Social Media integration all under one roof.

SendInBlue is a powerful email marketing solution for those on a low budget since it comes with a free plan. Offers both email and SMS campaigns into one unique platform.

Most email marketing providers offer similar services. When the time comes to choose the best email marketing software for your business, you’ll want to take your budget and marketing needs into account.

I hope the above list helps you decide which email platform might help you communicate with your subscribers. Just remember, most providers allow you to export and import your leads and move to a different provider if the need arises, your not locked in. If you need some help and advice you can get in touch with us at Marketing Branch.

Just go for it. Choose a provider and get started!

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