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Do You Have A Social Media Strategy?

I know right, it’s seems like it’s another task to put on the to do list. But creating a strategy for your social media is really key. By having a strategy you will ensure you are putting all your efforts into building the best out of your social postings and you’re gaining the correct customers and developing your social channels.

To help decide on the direction of the strategy, the very first question to answer is the Why.

Why does your business want to be on social media?

This relates to your social media goals. Are you on social media to promote your products? To drive traffic to your website? Or to serve your customers?

Here is a list of social media goals, you can have:

  1. Increase brand awareness

  2. Drive traffic to your website

  3. Generate new leads

  4. Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)

  5. Boost brand engagement

  6. Build a community around your business

  7. Provide social customer service

  8. Increase mentions in the press

  9. Listen to conversations about your brand

You’ll likely have more than one social media goal, and that’s fine. But it will guide you to build an outline of the direction you need to be in, so you can start building content. You may also consider a strategy for each of your social media channels, such as a Facebook marketing strategy, an Instagram marketing strategy, and so on, which all lead up to your overall social media marketing strategy.

If you would benefit from help and guidance to build a strategy for your social media efforts feel free to get in in touch with us here at Marketing Branch.

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