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Why You Should Use Instagram Reels for Business

If you’re new to using Instagram Reels, you might be wondering why you should use them instead of your traditional feed. After all, aren’t feeds and reels the same thing? In short, no – but there are some great reasons to switch to Instagram Reels, even if it’s just temporary. Here are some ways you can use Instagram Reels to your advantage and grow your business!

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels have been around for a little while now. It can help boost your business or personal brand, it allows you to compile multiple short videos into one long video. The reel is automatically played as soon as someone views your profile, so it gives you extra exposure every time you post something. There are also no limits on how many videos you can include in a reel, so feel free to upload five, ten or even more clips!

When to Use Instagram Video

Just like with photos, there are several reasons why you should use video to market your business on Instagram. Here are a few of them:

1) To show off new products. There’s nothing wrong with sharing snapshots of your products—but showing a video (and product in action) is more engaging for viewers.

2) Show behind the scenes, who you and your team are.

3) How you help your customers

4) Show an event you are part of, why you are an industry leader

5) People buy from people, show who you are.

The Best Thing About Instagram Video

Reels/Video at least 10x more engaging than photos. Videos are a great way to keep users on your page longer and attract potential customers who might not have otherwise been intrigued by your photos alone. Now you’re ready to get started with Instagram Reel!

How to Create Engaging Videos on Instagram

To have your business succeed on social media, you need to captivate your audience and get them interested in what you’re selling. If you create videos that are interesting, informative, or engaging enough to generate a lot of views and shares with your audience, you’ll find that it makes it easier to build trust and draw people into your content.

1) Choose trending topics

2) Be authentic

3) Add description and hash tags

4) If you are talking on the video, ensure you use captions. not everyone whats to have the sound on

5) Share you new Reel on the grid and share as a story to get as many views as possible. You can also download the Reel video and share on other social platforms

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