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How To Make Facebook’s New Changes Work For You

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Facebook has made some pretty big changes recently, which really affects the way your posts will perform, so I thought it would be helpful to pass on the info I have learnt.

I often get asked about the algorithm and how it works, it all seems a bit of a minefield. You know its related to social media and how your posts are viewed, but not sure how it will affect you, and your business? Well, let me shed some light on how the new changes for 2021 will work for you.

The changes are quite significant in terms of followers and getting the very best engagement you can from your business page. I know it can be an on-going struggle to think up and create content, we just want to ensure it is reaching all of our followers and their ‘friends’.

It is worth making some adjustments to stay on top of your social engagement.

Facebook is removing your page Likes!

Facebook has announced changes to the way business pages work. Likes will be going away, with Facebook deciding to shift the focus to Followers for Pages.

Facebook says that switching from Likes to Followers gives Page owners a better grasp of just how large their fanbase is, because the Followers list shows Page owners how many people are receiving updates from them. In fact, getting Pages posts in front of more eyes seems to be the driving force behind a lot of these changes, as Facebook says that it brought dedicated News Feeds to Pages for the first time.

Key Tip A good way to ensure we keep our Followers, is by asking your current page Like/Followers to check they are ‘Following’ your page, not just ‘Liked’ your page. (I know it’s a pain, right?) You can do this by suggesting they visit your business page and go to the 3 dots on the top right-hand side of your business page. Click follow settings and tick favourites. This will ensure your posts will always feature on their feed.

Why are my organic Facebook numbers so bad?

Facebook has changed the algorithm so this would explain if you feel that your organic engagement has dropped. Facebook will now only show content it believes it is most relevant to you, based on your previous actions.

How does this affect your business and ensure your posts are being seen?

There are four ranking signals Facebook uses, when determining the quality of your posts, and the amount of reach it should receive.

1. How long have you had an active account. Pages that have been on Facebook for longer obviously are going to receive a higher ranking than pages that are brand new. If you've got a brand-new business and a brand new page, don't let that discourage you. You have just got to build up credibility.

2. Followers that are engaging with your posts and your page in general, not just by liking or commenting on a post, click your call to action button, message your page, scrolling through your page, all of that is deemed as engagement by Facebook.

3. Post consistently. Try to post regularly to show consistency for the ranking algorithms.

4. Engage with followers. Make sure you respond in messenger and reply to comments.

Tips to help you improve your organic reach

  • Don't use clickbait - don't use words like click here or comment below.

  • Don’t use competitions to ask people to follow, tag and like. This will result in a drop in engagement.

  • Quality content, video ranks the highest, (make your videos at least three minutes long.) quality images with text.

  • Avoid outbound links because Facebook likes to keep users on the platform, it doesn't like people clicking off so with your organic content if your goal is to get the most eyeballs on your post avoid outbound links in your content.

  • Know when to post, research your followers and target your post when your followers are likely to be online. Check out your page insights top get all the information you need.

  • Inform your followers how they can keep up to date with your page and news, by going to your page follower settings.

  • Ask your employees and friends and family members to share your posts or tag your business regularly.

  • Focus on timely interaction. Try if you can to respond to messages within 24hours.

Don’t be disheartened. The organic reach is less than 2% so no matter what you do even if you do all of these things above, approximately 2% of them are going to see what you're posting. So, if you want to reach brand new potential customers, you have to leverage Facebook and Instagram ads. Which will improve your organic reach because you're going to get clicks over to your page, which is a good signal for Facebook's ranking algorithm.

Keep doing what you’re doing, posting something is better than nothing at all. If you can stick to some of the tips you will definitely get some significant engagement.

If you would like some further help and advice on your business page, feel free to get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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