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How To Attract New Customers To Your Business

We all want to secure new customers and build our businesses. It has been a tough few weeks and we need all the help and advice we can get. So here you go, here is a helpful list of 11 different ways to attract NEW customers to your business. Some will take a little thought and time to get in place, but the results will help no end! Go down the list ensure each one is ticked off. You'll have new customers before you know it!

1) Know your business - Who is your customer, who will use your service of product?

2) Know your audience - Who are you targeting?

3) Understand what your customers want.

4) Direct Marketing - Reach out to your existing customers, encourages loyalty and up-selling.

5) Go online - Don't miss out, ensure you have an online presence. Majority of people search for a business online,

6) Build partnerships - Find a business that has the same audience type as yourself and team up. Build a synergy cross marketing product and services, works wonders on social media.

7) Niche - target your niche to build engagement and sales. You'll make a bigger impact in a smaller area, attracting new customers.

8) Videos are a thumbs up - Potential customers like video as they get a real insight to what they maybe investing in.

9) Build an offer you can't refuse - A product or service offer can be the buying trigger that encourages the ideal candidate to buy.

10) Competition time - Showcase your product or service with a competition to engage a larger following. This works perfectly on Facebook or Instagram. Choose which is your biggest platform which will work for your business.

11) Don't leave it there - Always follow up your quotes, conversations, leads, networking.

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