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Competitors' Facebook Ads and How To View Them

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered what your competitors are advertising on Facebook and Instagram? A little competition is healthy right?

Sometimes we can wonder if the strategy we have gone for is ok? Imposter feeling setting in. Well there's a way for you to find out, and check out how your peers in your industry are advertising.

Facebook released an ad transparency tool which allows users to view which adverts a Facebook page is currently running. This is publicly available so you can understand the type of advert your competitor is using, how many ad campaigns, the copy and creative used.

If you head to the Facebook Ad Library and search for their brand name you will be able to view all the ads they are running.

Alternatively, you can search for the competitor on Facebook. Go to their page, head to About and click Page Transparency. Click on Ad Library and view the ads.

If you monitor your competitors closely, you'll be able to see how often their ads are updated and the direction their strategy is going.

You'll get a feel for the type of content that's going out to the target audience as well as the creative that they're using. You will not be able to see the results, however you will be able to see where the ads are being displayed.

Give it a go, and head to Facebook Library..

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