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Social Media - Is Where It's At!

Marketing Consultant  - Marketing Branch

We're back! After the Christmas and New Year break everyone is back full flowing into their routine and pushing forward with their business. And we're all in the same position, New Year, new start, where can I build my business? What areas can I improve on to work smart? It's a time to reflect on the previous year and want to do more.

My business Marketing Branch has been growing nicely over the past few years. We have some great loyal clients and building the business from referrals so growing organically, as well as advertising on social media. Using paid ads on Facebook has brought in a number of new clients and business. I wasn't convinced at first that it would be as successful, but after tweaking the ads, words is getting out. So my message today is give it a go. Social media advertising works, b2b and to consumers. It's transparent enough to amend your ad if doesn't seem to be having a good reception and you don't have to spend a fortune.

Over the last few months I have given social media workshop training to clients. Helping businesses build on their current knowledge and utilise their social media accounts to bring in new business and build their social media audience.

Social media can be a mine field. All sounds easy and straight forward, but putting the correct content together, posting at the right time, do you boost a post? What does it mean? It's one of those things that always takes longer than you ever anticipate. But if you persevere, you will get some results and your social media audience will grow.

Happy posting!

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