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Increase Your Restaurants Revenue – Using Simple Marketing

Increase restaurant revenue

There are many ways to help market your restaurant, with simple tools available the main ingredient is having the time to create and follow up each marketing tactic.

Email marketing.

Email is still one of the top ways to communicate with customers and remain top of mind. Marketing Branch can help maintain a consistent email marketing strategy with a mixture of updates and email specials to keep people clicking and coming into the restaurant.

Direct mail.

Targeting a local community to your visit your restaurant. Investing in a mail out inviting new customers is still worth budgeting for.


Snapchat can filter overlays on photos/videos that can be branded to share where you are or what you're up to, available within a geofenced area of your restaurant. When people snap their #foodie photos or selfies, they can swipe to apply your branded filter -- subsequently introducing your brand to the 10 billion views per day on Snapchat stories. They are very affordable, but you'll need to hop on this train fast.


Tap into local blogs and/or influencers. Marketing Branch Can reach out to the top food bloggers in your area via email or social media and invite them in for a special menu item (on the house). Let them know you're interested in being featured on their blog or social sites if they enjoy everything. If you don’t ask you won’t have a chance to appear in any blog etc.

Social media strategy.

This is free and it’s right there to be used. But don’t just post anything, thinking people will just come and visit your restaurant because you've said it’s great. You actually have to treat social media as a sophisticated marketing medium. Marketing Branch help many businesses by creating contests that encourage sharing, promote events, have promotions “#SelfieSunday”, where you have people post selfies, tag your restaurant, and then enter to win a discounted mid-week dinner?

Special events.

Always include “special events” you can put on without breaking the bank. These could be a popular TV show, e.g. British Bake Off - hold a baking or pie making competition, get your regulars involved, share on social media. Have a cinema night that includes a special dinner included in the price. Xmas present wrapping evening, have dinner and have your gifts wrapped beautifully. You could also have “Wine Down Wednesday” deals with half-price wine, Friday Fizz Night, everyone loves Prosecco. All events can increase your revenue if strategically structured and promoted well.

Give back nights.

Host events where you give back 10 percent of profits (or just profits from people that mention the event) for local charities, events, schools, etc. When doing this, alert the local media to get more coverage and exposure -- nothing wrong with letting everyone know about the good things you’re doing.

There are a few options to try and create a buzz around your restaurant and increase your revenue. Marketing Branch can help manage and direct each campaign, so you don’t have to. But don’t try all the ideas at once, choose one that will fit your customers which will have a great impact. Take your time, test and track each system you will see the success.

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